GBWhatsApp Download APK (Updated) October 2023

Good day everyone, GBWhatsApp download apk is the greatest famous community version of WhatsApp that reaches further qualities that are not ready in WhatsApp itself. It allows consumers to personalize the view and feel of the app, utilize several archives, conceal their internet standing, and level forward great records up to 100 MB. GBWhatsApp also allows operators to program dispatches and empower a “Do Not upset” mode to deactivate arriving text. With normal newscasts and correct errors, GBWhatsApp continues to be a great selection for operators who want additional rules and usefulness from their texting app.


Greetings to Wdtechhub.com, when you go for the most recent and more up-to-date details about GBWhatsApp. although there are several platforms in the darkness that consider GB WhatsApp, much of them are outmoded and not more faithful. At Wdtechhub.com, we deliver just the maximum up-to-date knowledge regarding the GBWhatsApp app, so you can be certain you’re taking precise and trustworthy knowledge. Stay adjusted for all the most recent upgrades and information about GBWhatsApp!

What Is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp apk is the original WhatsApp MOD that has achieved a reputation between WhatsApp operators, and right now millions of the populace. WhatsApp is their principal WhatsApp. everybody wants to download GBWhatsApp and undergo its fantastic WhatsApp endure.

GBWhatsApp gives its users an exceptional grade of customizing, permitting them to individualize their app knowledge to their inclination. With the capability to modify the app symbol and default home page, you can actually produce GBWhatsApp on your acknowledge. select from an extensive assortment of app representations to create it effortlessly identifiable in your app locker, and personalize your front page with heaps of accessible motives and fonts.

as well as the resolute of adjustment countenance, GBWhatsApp also offers several seclusion, and guarantee visage, which are all recorded in described in the “List of GBWhatsApp countenance” portion. Be sure to control it out for further stimulating visage.

gbwhatsapp download apk

GB WhatsApp: Customizable Modded WhatsApp with Enhanced Features

Is the impression unoriginal by your WhatsApp recently? state greetings to GB WhatsApp – the fougerite performance darling of the dearest texting app, right now mingled with an excess of stimulating new characteristics. With GBWhatsApp, the authority to customize your reverses, emoticons, and every aspect of the app pauses in your workforce. oblation a cherished treasure trove of customizing opportunities, the GB WhatsApp APK contracts an encounter tailor-made alone to you. Don’t suffer additional humdrum junctures with WhatsApp. promote your travel– exchange to GB WhatsApp at present!

What’s New in GBWhatsApp

With newscasts and irritating mends, GBWhatsApp is constantly improving and supplying the greatest of the finest to its employees. Let’s hold a nearer search at the fresh modifications and progressions they have formed. This will assist us in delay up-to-date with the fresh constructions in GBWhatsApp.

Recently GBWhatApp Added Some Features

  • Export Chats
  • Voice Changer
  • Message Scheduler
  • Custom Passwords
  • More Collection of Wallpapers
  • More Collection of Stickers
  • New Notification Icon
  • Added Font Styles
  • In Built Translator
  • Improved Anti-Ban

Recently GBWhatsApp Fixed Some Issues

  • Bug Fixed
  • Animated Stickers Supported
  • Remove Forwarded tag

GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version Updated Anti-Ban

App NameGBWhatsApp
Total Download10,00,000+
Updated On1 Hours Ago

Features List of GBWhatsApp

  • DND Mode
  • Anti-Ban
  • Auto Reply
  • Status Features
  • Free Voice and Video Calls
  • New Group Features
  • Advance Messaging Features
  • Privacy And Security
  • Ultimate Customization & Features
  • Other Features

Ultimate Customization & Features

gbwhatsapp download apk

GB WhatsApp is one of the top modest versions of WhatsApp up to now, The top qualities it lists are several of the substance configuration details. These modifications are only accessible with GBWhatsApp and suggest advance the good qualities. If you endeavor to obtain this countenance in identical Whatsapp Mods, Then it couldn’t be imaginable. Some of its substance solitude and protection peculiarities are crazy. This quality gives you more security, protection, and dependability than all of the other WHATSAPP Mods obtainable. There is a great deal further countenance in GBWhatsApp Apk, These qualities are demented and deliver the greatest production in each and every period. So download the app right now.

Privacy And Security

GBWhatsApp provides various privacy qualities, for instance, the capacity to disguise web-based circumstances, typewriting, album status, and so much more. Users can also cripple decipher revenue and hinder other people from as long as when they have regarded a communication. furthermore, this countenance seems fundamental for all and sundry requirements. As long as we are increasing numerically, It’s becoming more difficult for us to focus on our privacy and qualities that are subject to its safety. So with GBWhatsApp you can confront all these handicaps of WhatsApp and acquire a further engrossed user undergo.

Advance Messaging Features

gbwhatsapp download apk

This edition contains various texting qualities that are not including in the executive version, for instance, the capability to dispatch correspondence to damned quantities and timetable texting to be sent afterward. employers can also deliver greater files, up to 1.5GB, and can send pictures and video recordings in their creative feature. GB WhatsApp also provides further emojis and decals than the authorized version. all right, that’s not it, There is an additional latest message-dispatch countenance you will obtain in the GBWhatsApp app. This application benefits you to acquire further suitable in texting even though it has the greatest countenance in assistance. If you desire to regard all the qualities and suffer the application, Then you must download and set up the GBWhatsApp App right now.

New Group Features

The GBWhatsApp allow to users to produce the largest bunches with up to 500 fellows, likened to the authorized version’s limitation of 256 fellows only. Users can also personalize the group chat user interface, modify the group identify size, and determine group notices pursuant to messaging and demands. These unique group qualities also comprise opportunities for manufacturing a disconnect group tab for totaling your significant groups. Now you can smoothly follow respectively undertaking of your group. GBWhatsApp also provides you with client privacy surroundings, You can determine a group to recognize your online condition and other privacy setup. There are many further group features that you can investigate only by loading GB WhatsApp Apk.

Free Voice and Video Calls gbwhatsapp download apk

gbwhatsapp download apk

Free calls and video calls are alternative wonderful qualities of GBWhatsApp, This aspect serves to acquire linked with all your descent and fellows. As the texting application usages the internet to produce these shouts, You will not be required to sustain a minimal remainder on your sim ticket. These calls can be imaginable with wireless fidelity and the World Wide Web. Furthermore, it has a highly straight connection visage, Which states your best attribute.

Well gbwhatsapp download apk Futures

The video calls also seem exceedingly obvious and conscious. The video call and audio call alternative capabilities are accessible on the respective sketches. You can smoothly produce calls utilizing the shortcut and relish the first-class calls on the proceed. The majority wonderful matter about these demands is that it is feasible to call all your WhatsApp Numbers, So there is no requirement to attach it from both apps, Just call from one device and additional mobiles will obtain the call, as standard.

Status Features

Which one doesn’t wish for GBWhatsApp features, equal. This is the superior highlight I similar in GBWhatsApp. Although do you recognize there are so much more alternatives in this rank quality that are invisible to you? Yes, and they are really beneficial. Over here we are passing to portion. The surplus standing countenance and alternatives that can modify the fashion you use GbWhatsApp.

The primary quality is that you can immediately download the WhatsApp state for GBWhatsApp. Second, right now you can supervise who can consider your condition and who can’t. Ultimately, there is a remarkably wonderful alternative, through this quality you can look at any standing and display it as unattended to the diverse human being. With these funds, you will no longer be required to indicate your watch on the state of the owner’s mobile. This feature is just accessible with the most recent reading of WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp apk.

Auto Reply gbwhatsapp download apk

GBWhatsApp approaches an auto-reply quality that supports consumers ‘ automated reactions to entering dispatches. This quality arrives useful as soon as consumers are occupied or incapable of responding correctly outside. It guarantees that their connections accept a punctual reaction. With GBWhatsApp, you can personalize your auto-reply testing to suit your requirements. Keep a period on answering to messages separately. There are several opportunities in Auto Reply which you can create using of by downloading the GBWhatsApp App. Therefore initiate acquiring items finished mechanically, and determined up Auto Reply on GB WhatsApp just.


GBWhatsApp download apk incorporates numerous anti-ban visages that hold the app from being perceived and obstructed by WhatsApp. nevertheless, it’s significant to observe that utilizing GBWhatsApp can quite guide to statements for whatever undertaking that is opposite WhatsApp guidance. delight be mindful that this attribute is additional to produce utilization of GBWhatsApp. We have an additional attribute, therefore entire our customers can make use of the GBWhatsApp excluding any issue and security string. during utilizing this with your principal statement beginning, We would propose you usage your ancillary WhatsApp narrative to have a virtuous surrounding and till then you will determine its visage too. So at the latest, it will be simple to use your principal account afterwards.

DND Mode of gbwhatsapp download apk

gbwhatsapp download apk

gbwhatsapp download apk arrives

GB arrives with an integral DND mode, Also well-known as “Do Not Disturb” mode that authorizes consumers to silently notify for individual chats or the whole GB WhatsApp converses. This aspect is particularly beneficial for the population who want to focusing on operating or are required to carry a breach from undesirable communications. Having GBWhatsApp, you can simply personalize your significant letters, take a rest from irritating conversations, and focal point on your significant employment. just about further countenance and adjustments can be employed for DND, So to obtain further intelligence concerning these qualities, Install the GBWhatsapp app on your mobile and guide to GBWhatsapp settings.

Other Features

More Styling: naming WhatsApp is an extremely simple assignment, All appreciation to the GBWhatsapp app. Now you can smoothly fashion every single section of WhatsApp in accordance with to your requirements. In additional settings, you will acquire alternatives to personalize any typeface of an individual shield, similar to the conference cover. The superior portion of this quality is you can utilize it other than the worldwide settings, So cunning individual appearances will become more available than each and every.

Other Futures of

Call blocking: With GBWhatsApp, you obtain a practice call-blocking button. This quality works totally otherwise from what we do on our mobiles. So in this attribute, you can block demand from whatever person and limit them from shipping you any communication. moreover, it also enables you to demonstrate to them diverse dispatches each duration, You can level select to nominate practice call-blocking dispatches.

Spam Detector: We all recognize how patronizing it is to obtain junk mail on WhatsApp, But no further my friend. With all-fresh gbwhatsapp download apk. You acquire an unsolicited mail demodulator quality. This aspect assists you in acquiring from any junk mail and is employed as a defender. But gratify maintain in care that this attribute is quiet in developing and happens in remarkably handful appliances. It will shortly be accessible for total the appliances.

How to Install GBWhatsApp on Your Phone?

Installing GBWhatsApp on your mobile is a direct transmit procedure. underneath are the essential measures to install GBWhatsApp on your mobile. pursue them precisely to install GBWhatsApp unless any problems.

  • Download the GBWhatsApp APK folder from a trustworthy root such as wdtechhub.com.
  • formerly installing, produce positive to permit the “obscure sources” alternative in your phone’s safety settings.
  • start the Gbwhatsapp download apk folder and knock on “Install” to begin the installation procedure.
  • previously the facility is total, honest GBWhatsApp and insert your contact number to sign up.
  • Observe the on-screen guidelines to conclude the organization procedure.
  • immediately, you can initiate employing GBWhatsApp and enjoy its exceptional peculiarities.

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